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Nowadays, when the number of creditors and debtors is increasing, the problems of bad credit history are also emerging in the area of ​​lending. In fact, debtors’ credit histories were most severely damaged during 2008-2012, when Latvia had so-called “fat years”. It was a time when the average wage level of the population was much higher than it is now and when there was a boom in lending. In 2007, the non-bank lending sphere developed and developed in Latvia during the “fat years”. The coincidence of all these conditions contributed to the borrowing of intense bank and non-bank loans, as most Latvian companies were creditworthy, but the borrowers used this demand by offering many different lending services. It seemed to the borrowers that their solvency would be long-lasting, so they used the opportunities provided by the creditors without much effort. However, after a very short period of time, the Latvian economy was hit by a crisis – the wages of the population declined significantly and hence the creditworthiness of borrowers. With such a salary, it was not possible to make monthly loan payments, so the debtor’s credit histories were damaged by both late and overdue payments.

Guaranteed online loans for bad credit $300 to $4600


Well, when we have found out whether such loans with a negative history are issued, it is only a matter of looking at the issue, or should such credit be taken at all. If you have been damaged by history, then you have in the past either delayed the payment of the loan or did not repay the money you borrowed at all. And, basically, this credit history also shows whether lenders should still trust you or not. But as non-bank creditors have higher profits, they also take on more risk and hope that customers who have previously damaged their history have changed and are therefore often given loans. But that’s why more responsibility is put on you as a customer, and you have to know for yourself whether you have changed and this time you will be able to repay this debt in time so that you do not do it again and you will accrue interest and then the case may come to court. So, if you are certain that you can repay this loan, a credit with a negative history can help you well, both to regain the loyalty of lenders and to get money at times when it is really needed. In this way, you will gain confidence in more serious loans and borrow from banks a few times by borrowing and giving back in time. If you are sure that you will be able to repay the loan, then I would certainly advise you to go to and apply for this guaranteed online loan for bad credit.

What is credit history?

  • It includes all activities related to taking and returning loans.
  • It shows not only settled but also current credit liabilities.
  • It shows every payment and its repayment terms, so it is not only the fact that the loan is returned or not returned but also the timeliness of its repayment.
  • Any debtor’s credit history data is available in the Credit Register administered by the Bank of Latvia, in the CreditReform database, in the databases of non-banking companies or creditors, as well as in any company-internal user database.
  • In fact, this is the most important factor that is assessed by the potential customer before the loan is granted.

What is bad credit history?

  • The credit history is undermined by two conditions – the regular delay of loan payments and the failure to make these payments.
  • Creditors avoid making credit commitments to individuals with bad credit history because they are worried that they will treat their credit obligations as irresponsibly and lightly as the previous ones, thereby undermining the company’s financial position or otherwise adversely affecting its business. Negative credit histories are considered unreliable and creditors are skeptical and cautious about cooperating with them.
  • Damaged credit history prevents or at least reduces the chances of receiving future credit. The worse the credit history, the less likely it is to get a loan from any lender, especially the banking sector.
  • Although after a while the debtor settles the outstanding credit liabilities, the credit history is not improved as the delay of payment remains in a place of the outstanding payment. In fact, credit history, like any past thing, can no longer be changed and corrected – it is only necessary to make sure that the future credit history is positive unless the debtor is subsequently granted loans.
  • Experience shows that, if credit history has been damaged several years ago, there is greater hope of obtaining a loan because lenders often check the credit history of a potential customer only in the last year, and lenders still want to believe that the person is able to change and become more conscious over the years, and more responsible. Therefore, it cannot be unequivocally stated that in the case of negative credit history the loan is categorically refused.
  • The least chance of obtaining a loan is when a person still has outstanding credit obligations when he/she addresses the lender, as this indicates a person’s creditworthiness.
  • Experience has shown that non-bank creditors against bad credit history are somewhat more lenient than bank creditors because they issue loans in relatively small amounts and short repayment terms, which significantly reduces the company’s financial risks.

What is Fast Credit?

  • It is a type of short-term loans to non-bank lenders that can be obtained online via a computer or mobile phone. Because of its technological solution, it is also called the internet or online credit.
  • Its positive features are the speed of delivery (10 to 15 minutes), the ease of obtaining (without collateral, guarantee, documents) and convenience of filing (via the Internet).
  • Its average repayment term is 30 days, which can be extended for up to 30 days;
  • The amount is likely to be in the range of 1 to 10000 EUR depending on the conditions of the creditor;
  • The first credit is in most cases a free or interest-free credit.
  • Most of these loan issuers also offer an option loan via SMS or SMS.
  • The borrower must be between 18 and 85 years old, be a resident or a citizen of Latvia, have a stable income, and have an active bank account, have a positive credit history.
  • In most cases, quick credit is also given to those who have poor credit history or solvency, or both.

Fast credit with bad credit history

  • Assessing credit history is a mandatory and indispensable process that needs to be applied in both the banking and non-banking sectors to avoid disadvantageous and ill-fated customers who, in the event of non-repayment of the loan, may incur financial losses for the company. It should be noted that financial losses occur not only in the case of non-payment but also in cases of delay. However, as mentioned several times above, creditors in the non-banking sector do not assess credit history as seriously and scrupulously as it does in the area of ​​bank lending.
  • In this area, especially fast credit In the area of ​​credit, credit history is being revised in general, as non-bank lenders do not run such large amounts and long repayment terms when issuing loans. In simple words, non-bank creditors can afford to risk and lend to untrusted individuals, such as those with a poor credit history or poor solvency. Considering that quick loans are currently the most popular type of non-bank loans, high-speed court lenders can risk even more.
  • True, most debtors with a negative credit history have been created through direct loans due to their availability. The availability of fast credit is known to be driven not only by technological solutions for obtaining them but also by the democratic conditions of lenders. But, of course, demand is supply, so as long as people borrow, creditors will offer them new ways to borrow.
  • As mentioned earlier, quick credit is an alternative to loans for people with a bad credit history or poor solvency or both.

If you have a bad credit history, but you need financial resources, evaluate non-bank creditors’ offers for solving your situation, and repay your personal loan for the long term, and make a decision responsibly – maybe you can’t use the services of creditors, but use some other financial alternatives?

Should You Have Loans With Bad Credit History?

Damaging credit history seems to be so easy, but then recovering the loyalty of lenders is much more difficult and does not happen in one day. But often I ask those who have damaged my credit history if they think credit should be given even if their credit history is negative, and usually, the answer is ‘ Of course ‘, but if the same question is asked by someone with credit history everything is correct. negative. And the correct answer, in my opinion, is somewhere in the middle, because it is very difficult to say a single answer before you analyze the different scenarios and understand the situation of the person you are saying. There are many and different cases where a person may have lost their job after receiving a loan and have not been able to make timely payment of the loan, or he has had to pay a guaranteed loan amount for which he was also unable to pay, but either when he has recovered and stand on stable financial footsteps, then no more credit can be obtained. Of course, if you borrow money and do not give it in bad faith, you should not lend anymore, but if you have made a mistake where you are not guilty, and you can’t get a loan even after several years, it doesn’t seem to be right.

Is bad credit history an obstacle or an opportunity to change one’s life?

This situation, when you are entered into the debtor’s list and can no longer borrow can be viewed from two sides where, from one, it can be, as a great obstacle, because you can not get a loan that you really need, but on the other hand, you start thinking how to get money differently without taking a loan. We are all accustomed to taking big and small credits and how to make extraordinary payments or make a bigger purchase, so we immediately get credit. But for people who are on this list simply do not even consider this option and try to either save money or postpone this purchase. And maybe it’s even better because we don’t always borrow money for prudent purchases. But what if you need to get a serious loan to buy an apartment or a home or buy a car, but you do not issue such a loan anymore? In the current market situation, it is more advantageous to buy an apartment on credit and pay monthly loan payments than to rent an apartment because rentals are often much higher. And to make such big purchases, the money is usually lost because the money is virtually impossible to save, at least not if you have to rent an apartment in parallel.

How do I get a loan if you have a negative credit history?

But if you still need this credit and you have damaged your credit history in the past, here are some suggestions you can put behind your ear to try to get a quick credit: Be polite and not too insistent, otherwise, the credit institution representative will quickly you will be refused and will not even be able to explain your situation. Kindness can always help, and even if you refuse to be kind and tell me, thank you for hearing, because it will probably be the same person calling for some time and he will have another impression on you. Offering Beneficial Conditions – If you have any property then offer it to be pledged or otherwise to the creditor to make sure you pay him that money. Think early about what you can give the lender why he should listen to you. Submit all the information about yourself – You will definitely have to prove your current income, your old credit obligations, and explain how you ruined your credit history. Here you have to be as compassionate as possible and give the lender all the possible details and honestly admit how you enter this debtor list, because only with honesty and willingness will you be able to get this loan. The key is to be attentive and kindly explain what the creditor wants to know about you because such loans are rarely issued and you must be different than most people.